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Self-Care: Massage and Connecting With Your Body

Good morning, Sweets! Here in Oklahoma, the weather is chilly, perfect for snuggling under blankets and I’ve been doing that a lot. It’s my own personal Heaven. I hope that you are enjoying the changing of the seasons wherever you are! (p.s. This post contains an affiliate link, so if you purchase it, I get a small percentage! Thank you!)

It’s Self Care Sunday! Today I am going to talk about massages and how much I love them! My first professional massage was about six months ago and I was so scared and nervous about laying on a table, nearly naked, with a stranger massaging my body.

It was surprisingly delightful.

At least it wasn’t for me. Which is saying something because I suffer from anxiety. Being around people I don’t know, and in new situations, has the potential to freak me out pretty badly. However, this blog post isn’t about professional massage, as great as it may be.

This is about massaging yourself.

Yes I know, it sounds dirty, but that is a blog for another day. :)

How often do you take the time to lovingly touch your body? To show your appreciation for the things that it does. I mean think about it… think of what your body does on a daily basis. It performs some amazing feats. Your body needs a little TLC every once and awhile.

I like to give myself massages and I’ve noticed that I make a bit of a ritual out of it.

First I take a nice relaxing bath or shower and I let all of the things I’m holding onto, go. I allow myself to soften, to relax, to release the tension on my muscles. After I get out, give me a yummy smelling lotion, Avalon Organic’s Lavender is my favorite, and I am good to go. I sit down at my altar, my sacred space, and I start at my feet. I apply lotion to my foot and pay special attention to each part of it. My toes, the arch, the heel. I lovingly rub the lotion into my skin, being thankful for all of the things my feet do for me.

self-care massageIt’s a loving practice and it fosters real acknowledgment and appreciation for my body.

Thank you feet for allowing me to walk this earth.

Onto my ankles, legs, and thighs.

Thank you legs for allowing me to stand tall.

Onto my hips.

Thank you hips for allowing me to sway and move to music.

To my belly and my chest.

Thank you belly and chest for allowing me to breathe deeply.

To my fingers and hands.

Thank you hands for allowing me to create.

And so on and so forth.

It really makes a difference in how I feel about myself. I believe that when we are kind to our bodies our bodies are kind to us. Taking the time to be aware of what is going on with us physically is just as important as what is going on with us mentally.

You should give it a try!