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Self-Care Routine – What’s Yours?

We know what self-love is but how do we incorporate it into our lives? We develop a routine of it. We perform actions of self-care that bring us to a deepening of how we feel about ourselves.

Like any life change, if self-care isn’t something that you’re already doing, it’s best to add it in with baby steps. It’s so weird to think of life without self-care because it’s something I’m so passionate about, but my life used to be like that.

thought I was practicing self-care – as in I was doing nice things for myself. But I wasn’t. I didn’t understand that self-care wasn’t just doing things you want to do to make yourself happy, but loving things you do for your own greater good.

Self-care was binging on food until it made me sick. But I was “treating” myself.

Self-care was getting home from work and then playing six hours of video games until it was time to go to sleep because I was “doing what I loved”.

It was indulging my every single want and need, even when those wants and needs were destructive and ultimately made me really unhappy.

Today I ask you the question:

What does your self-care routine look like?

And is it one that nourishes your needs in an authentic way? In spite of the fact that I blog about self-care, even I fall off the wagon sometimes. When I’m working on a project I tend to become a bit obsessed and my regular routine falls to the wayside, but I’m working on it!

My regular self-care routine focuses mainly on organizing my time. I essentially work two full-time jobs so learning how to manage my time is an absolute game-changer. The biggest part of my self-care routine isn’t fun, it’s setting boundaries with myself. It’s forcing myself to manage my time in a productive way so that I do have the time to do the things that I love without getting overwhelmed or falling behind.

Lately, I’ve been taking time to journal in my Self-Love Workbook before bed while I watch Netflix. After the hectic days at work I take a hot bath with lavender oil and bath salts. I frequently allow myself to wind down with a romance novel before bed. I take walks while I listen to meditations. I try to drink enough water and get enough sleep. Most days I listen to music and write with a hot cup of tea. I try to focus on my spirituality every single day. Each one of these things nourishes me on some level.

Here are the different types of self-care and how you can add them to your day.

Physical Self-Care

Physical Self Care is anything that you do to take care of your body. When we think of all of the things our bodies have been through in our lifetimes we can’t help but feel the need to pamper ourselves just a little. Your physical self care practice can include things like massages, eating healthy, adding movement into your life, and slowing down when your body says slow down. This also encompasses getting medical attention when you need it and getting enough sleep.

Ask yourself: “What does my body need?” every day and then do that thing.

Soul Self-Care

self care routineThis is the time that you take to spend time with yourself, for yourself. Check in with what you are thinking and feeling. Write in your journal, read something silly, make time for self-reflection. Notice where your journey is taking you. Say “no” to demands on your time that drain you. Treat yourself right, end the self-hate and the criticism.

Emotional Self-Care

Ah, emotional needs. These ones are tricky and finicky but with a little practice we can learn what we’re going to need, when we’re going to need it. I know when I am approaching heavy emotions. I know what my triggers are, and this allows me to be prepared when they hit full force. Come up with affirmations, be social in ways that feel good to you, allow yourself to cry. Find things that make you laugh, know how to divert your destructive emotions into something that can heal you.

Spiritual Self Care

Everyone is spiritual in different ways. Pray, meditate, walk in nature, do the things that bring you close to Great Spirit by whatever name you call him/her. Allow yourself to be grateful for the things that you have. Take time to sit in contemplation. Have spiritual experiences, this is different for everyone, find what it means to you. Serve, or give, in a way that is meaningful to you.

Business Self Care

Practice self care in your work by managing your time and making sure that you don’t get burnt out. Take breaks and don’t overwhelm yourself. If you can ask for help, ask! You’d be amazed at the support out there if you just ask for it. Know your limitations. Strive to balance your work and your free time to something that is nourishing to you. Some of us feel better when we work more and some of us just need more free time, and that’s okay. Do what you love.

What does your self-care routine look like?