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Self-Care Tea (Brew the Magic)

Today’s Self Care Topic is all about tea! Tea is my go to drink for relaxation and it works! Just the smell of it, watching the steam float up from the cup, soothes me and instantly makes me feel a little bit better.

So, tea! In case you’ve never made tea before, (and isn’t it so strange to think that there are people out there that haven’t??), it’s really easy. There’s the traditional way, of getting a tea kettle, boiling water, pouring it into a cup, add a tea bag, let it steep, add sweetener if you so desire, and voila. If you’re in a pinch, you can microwave a cup of water until it’s hot, add a teabag, and sugar, but it just doesn’t taste the same. I use the coffee pot method! Fill the coffee pot with water, put a teabag in the pot, turn it on, the hot water drips down onto the tea bag, let it steep and it is DELICIOUS.

If you are really feeling adventurous you can use loose tea leaves or herbs, pop them in a tea ball and come up with your own flavors.

My favorite kind of tea is herbal tea, which isn’t actually “tea” at all, as it doesn’t usually have tea leaves in it. Herbal teas include herbs, fried fruits, and flowers and is almost always caffeine free, which is why it’s great for relaxation and perfect for your bed time routine.

My tea ritual is an essential part of my self-care routine. Most days I come home from work and make myself a pot of tea. It is my reminder to let go of the day, to sit back, to relax, and take care of myself. For special occasions I even have a proper tea set. By special occasions I mean any time I want to feel extra special. There are some really cool tea sets out there. Mine is the English traditional white with dainty pink roses.

My favorite tea brands:

Celestial Seasonings: This tea company is my FAVORITE tea provider because not only do they have a ton of flavors, they all taste amazing. These ones are perfect for beginner tea drinkers. My favorite flavor is Sleepytime, seeing the sleeping bear on the box always makes me think of when my grandmother would let me sip her tea. It’s a wonderful blend of lemongrass, mint, and chamomile! For that caffeine oomph I always get Morning Thunder, it has a strong, deep, tea flavor.

self care tea

Tazo: Is another brand that I like. My favorite Tazo tea is “Zen” and it’s absolutely delicious. It is green tea, lemon verbena, and spearmint and has a more mellow taste than Celestial Seasoning’s Sleepytime.

Yogi Teas: are quickly becoming a favorite. This line of teas is more into herbal supplements but they still taste great. This is a great brand to use if you have health issues. There are tons of teas for joint pain, immune support, stomach and digestive troubles, sore throats, and colds. They also have a tea line just for women, including pregnancy, lactation, and female reproductive health. Another plus, they are all organic! Green Tea Kombucha is the one I like the best!

So go brew yourself a cup of tea, breathe it in, relax, and enjoy.

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