rainbow fluorite

Self-Care Toolbox: Rainbow Fluorite

I’m really into crystal healing and I have been for years. In case you’re new to the concept here’s what it’s all about. Crystals have a kind of energy or vibration. We can use that energy to manifest things in our own lives. You know how we associate colors with different feelings blue = sad or calm and red = angry, that’s picking up on the energy of the color. Crystals are no different.

Now you might think that sounds a little hippy-dippy and maybe it is. But here’s how I look at it. For me, crystals help. You can call it the placebo effect and I’m cool with that. Even if it’s all in my head, if it works, it works. Even I have a healthy dose of skepticism.

I don’t think crystals can cure cancer or diseases but I do believe that they are great tools in their own right and that they have a purpose. If you hold a crystal in your hand and you believe that it’s helping you, it can. Whether that’s from that awesome power in your brain or the crystal, well as long as you’re getting something good out of it that’s the point isn’t it? Either way it is a tool.

Rainbow fluorite is my absolute favorite crystal.

There’s always been a sort of resonance in my soul with it. Maybe it’s the colors, the near translucent glints of blues and purples peeking out. The way everything is amplified in the sunlight. Whatever it is when I hold a piece of rainbow fluorite in my hand I feel better. I feel good.

It’s been awhile since I got my crystal love on. Most of them have been packed up in a box for the last few months but a few weeks ago I began to miss them and the comforting weight of a crystal in my hand or in my pocket. I have anxiety and one of the things that us anxious ones tend to do is fiddle around. Some people play with their hands, rub their fingers together, nervously tap their hands on things, bite their fingernails (Me! Me! Me!), tap their feet, there’s a whole host of things that some of us do to release all that energy that’s inside of us.

Whenever I try to stop biting my nails there are two things that help. First off, I paint them, because it’s much harder to convince myself to ruin the loveliness of pretty colored nails and secondly I carry a piece of fluorite in my pocket. Whenever I get nervous rolling the stone between my fingers or just rubbing it allows me to focus that nervousness.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite is an all around great healing stone.

It’s especially great for getting rid of negativity. If you’re in a rotten mood hold a piece in your hand and feel the negativity moving through the stone and coming out cleaner. When I’m feeling off-kilter and unbalanced one of the first things I do is lay down and meditate while breathing deeply. Sometimes I’ll put a piece of rainbow fluorite on my forehead and focus on that point, focus on my mind, and allow myself to start dealing with what’s going on in my mind. It gives clarity and also helps me feel grounded.

Right now it’s definitely one of the things that are in my self-care toolbox right.

What’s your favorite crystal at the moment?