Self-Care Yearbook

self-care yearbook

When I think about the last few years, I think about all that we've been through collectively. It's been a lot and I think we can learn so much from digging into those experiences. But they're heavy and sometimes we need a little bit of lightness.

I wanted to create something that celebrates the good moments. Something that's fun, silly, and holds a little bit of nostalgia.

The Self-Care Yearbook is about celebrating those moments.

The Yearbook has a section called "Reading Rainbow" which asks you your favorite book of the year, favorite fictional couple, and the one you stayed up all night to read. The People's Choice Awards Section asks you to write down the most binge-able tv show you watched this year (mine was My Holo Love!), the character you identified with the most, what made you laugh, and what made you cry.

I hope you can flip through this and be reminded of all the things that got you through the year.

self-care yearbook