Self Help Isn’t A Dirty Word

A lot of people have mixed reactions about the term self help or self improvement. I embrace them.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all rely on each other and speak honestly about the things that we work on?

Instead, when we work on our “stuff” we often do it in silence, without allowing ourselves to seek out a support system, without being open about our process, and without openly acknowledging how much bravery we have to embark on that path.

I had someone tell me that if I really loved myself then I wouldn’t bother with self improvement. Wishing to improve or change myself meant that I wasn’t accepting myself as is.

That’s just silly. You can still love something and wish to improve it.

Yourself included. I love my toes. Wishing to paint the nails bright pink to improve how they look doesn’t mean I don’t love my toes. I LOVE MY TOES!

I think it would just be really great if we could open up, show people that we don’t all have our shit together, be vulnerable and real and honest and say “This is how I am helping myself. Support me in this process.”

Instead of judgement we provide an ear, a shoulder, or a hug.

Self help is a really hard process, especially without a support system! It doesn’t have to be that way, it doesn’t have to be such a hard process. We can ask for support, we can have accountability partners, we can ask for what we need. It is my goal to continue to share my journey with you while encouraging you to start your own. I’d love to hear about your relationship with self help/self improvement.

Do you utilize self help to change things in your life? Do you feel supported in the process? Does self help work for you?