self-love aromatherapy

Self-Love Aromatherapy

How is your month of Self-Love going? Fabulously I hope! Today I am going to chat with you a little bit about aromatherapy and how you can use it to enhance your love life (even if your love life just consists of you). Aromatherapy can help create a more loving environment for you and your feelings about yourself. I don’t believe that aromatherapy is a magical cure-all. I’m not one of those people. Here’s why I love aromatherapy. Firstly, certain scents trigger your brain to feel certain things. When you find a smell you love it instantly ticks up those happy or relaxation points. Secondly, there’s the ritual and distraction of it. When you’re practicing self-love aromatherapy it’s one of those little acts of self-care, of taking just a few minutes for yourself.

Dabbing yourself with a few drops to make yourself smell pretty. Adding a few drops to a nice relaxing bath. Filling a diffuser so that relaxing smell drifts through your surroundings. We need those little acts of indulgence.

Aromatherapy has been shown to have a number of benefits. It appeals to the olfactory nerves that register smells from the nose and then carry those impulses to the brain. There are so many ways to use essential oils. You can put them in an oil for a massage, you can mix them with water and spray your sheets for a lovely atmosphere, you can heat them in a diffuser, or even put them in your bath water.

Here are some scents that would be great to use this month for some Self-Love Aromatherapy:

The scent of Jasmine is an aphrodisiac. It is a very sensual, intoxicating, scent and is perfect if you want to foster an atmosphere of self-love. It is also said to aid in arousal and induce a euphoric feeling. Plus, it smells reeeaaally good. If you like flowery, girly, scents – pick this one!

Rose is an oil that easily fits into this category. Roses are a symbol of love and desire and are perfect for facilitating love. Rose has been associated with Aphrodite/Venus, Goddesses of Love. This is a great oil to use to stimulate the heart chakra, which is in the center of your chest.

If you’re just going through a break-up: This is an exercise you can try. I like to use rose oil or rose water, but really, you can use any scent that you like. Plan a nice little evening for yourself. Themes: Comforting darkness and soft candlelight. Light some candles and order yourself some pizza while you watch a movie. Treat yo’ self.

Before you go to bed, take a shower or a sacred bath. Do it by candlelight or in near darkness (safety first). Let yourself cry if that’s what you’re feeling. If not, that’s okay too. When you get out, massage your chest with the oil or with a scented lotion. Close your eyes and imagine yourself rubbing love into your chest. Feel yourself opening up. Feel any pain or heartbreak you’re feeling drain away.

Sandalwood is also reputed as an aphrodisiac. Which is pretty interesting because its fragrance is similar to that of the human pheromone. You can also use vanilla, ylang ylang, and neroli, which have love and romance inducing properties.

How do you use aromatherapy in your self-love practice?


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