self-love vows

Self-Love Exercise: Write Vows to Yourself

So something about me, I love making speeches, not in public, not in front of a lot of people (eeeek, stage fright and massive social anxiety!) but I really like to talk, especially about my feelings. If I reallyreallyreally love you then I’ve probably given you a long speech about why you are the bestthingever and all the reasons why.

You should totally tell the people that you love that you love them. Throw in something like you are the Samwise to my Frodo… the peanut butter to my jelly… the cheese to my macaroni. Let ’em really know that they matter.

self-love vowsLife doesn’t last forever, it’s too short to waste it not saying those things. Okay, maybe not those things exactly, but you get my meaning.

Want to know who else needs to hear that you love them? *Holds up a gigantic mirror* You! So you might already love yourself (and that’s totally fantastic) but do you say it out loud and often? There’s a point to saying it, it reinforces those feelings, it lets them sink in, and it helps you to really believe it. I’ve gotten in the habit of writing vows to myself, especially when I’m feeling a little bit low. It reminds me that even when I’m having a crappy day, those good feelings about myself still exist.

Write self-love vows to yourself. Feel them, speak them, believe them.

I talk about having a love affair with yourself. Make it real. Make a promise to yourself right now. Promise to take care of you, to love yourself, cherish yourself, and treat yourself better than anyone in the world has ever treated anyone else.

That’s your self-love exercise for the day. Write a list of self-love related promises to yourself.

You can stand in front of the mirror and say these things to yourself. You can go to your sacred space and create a ritual around loving yourself, you can mind-whisper sweet things to yourself as you fall asleep. (Mind-whispers are those sleepy thoughts that quietly float through your head when you’re approaching dreamland).

What are your self-love vows to yourself? What promises have you already made (and kept!) to yourself? Make one promise or vow right now!

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