Self-Love Foundation Worksheets

This year, my focus is going to be on self-love and creating a step-by-step program based on the Foundations of Self-Love. These are six key concepts that are at the source of loving yourself.

First off is self-talk and your inner voice. These worksheets were created to help you understand your Inner Critic and give you the tools and knowledge to change that voice in your head. The way that you talk to yourself is important. The things that you think are important. I want to help you make space in that lovely brain of yours for kindness, compassion, and understanding.

Here's What's Inside

- 33 page PDF (With a full-color version and a separate black and white version)
- Classifying your inner voice as positive, neutral, or negative
- Understanding the source of your inner critic and where that critical and unkind voice originates from
- Breaking down your inner voice into distinct voices
- Recognize how the inner critic is stopping you from living your best life
- The 7 main aspects of the inner critic: The protector, black and white thinker, procrastinator, mind reader, worst-case scenario, blame game, and how it preys on -vulnerabilities
- Finding the voice of your Sacred Self (Higher Self, Wise Self, Inner Coach - whatever you want to call that kind and compassionate voice we're cultivating!)
- How reframing your story can take power away from your inner critic
- How logic and reason can be just as powerful as positivity
- How to add "but" to those critical statements
- A Truth Check on the things the inner critic says
- How to change your thinking
- How striving for balanced thinking helps
- Why positive self-talk is important
- Using affirmations in a way that works for you*
- Why journaling is awesome and five journaling prompts

**Page 25 (using affirmations in your own words) does have some profanity, for anyone who is using these worksheets with clients or students and may not be comfortable with that language.