Holiday Self-Care Guide

holiday self-care guide

The Holiday Self-Care Guide is full of self-care tips AND worksheets to help you have a happy and organized holiday season. It's so important to take care of yourself all year round but if you're sensitive, anxious, and prone to depression, the holidays can bring up a lot of stuff. These pages will help you focus and have an awesome holiday.

This .pdf is 24 pages and comes in three different versions, black and white, blue watercolor, and a festive theme. All have fillable forms enabled which means you can fill them out right from your computer.

What's included in the Holiday Self-Care Guide PDF:
-Cover Page (Three different versions)
-Holiday Self-Care (Four pages of holiday self-care tips)
-Holiday Struggles
-Your Thoughts on the Holiday Season
-Holiday Movie Watchlist
-Holiday Activity Planner
-To-Do List
-Favorite Recipes (Three pages)
-Holiday Meal Planner (Two Pages)
-Budget page with categories
-Expense Tracker
-Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Sale Tracker
-Gift List + Ideas (Two Pages)
-Online Order Tracker
-Holiday Card Organizer

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