self-love spell bottle

Self-Love Spell Bottle

I’ve been filling out the pages from my Witch Life: Self-Love Planner (I’m a few weeks late filling it out!) and in the section for February under “What do you want to achieve in your practice this month?” my answer was practice. I’m committed to doing something witchy, spiritual, magical, or mystical every day for the rest of the month. The beginning of this month was really hard for me and part of my coping is to go within and try to open those parts of myself that feel so incredibly closed up right now.

That’s where my spirituality comes in. It’s always been the warm blanket I wrap myself in.

I’ve committed to doing seven days of magic, and if you’re interested, maybe I’ll make a little e-course about them. The first day was about getting back down to my foundation. Literally. Bare feet on the earth. Hands on the earth. And just being. The second day was taking a purification bath with herbs, incense, and candles. The fourth day was a ritual that let me release my inner pain and the grief I’ve been holding on to.

Yesterday I wanted to honor Aphrodite, so I decided to do a little self-love spell bottle.

self-love spell bottle

Let me tell you a confession. The first bottle I did I was so focused on making it pretty. On making something that looked nice. I totally lost the reason why I was doing it. On my second try, I set the mood. I lit candles and incense. I played Heart Sutra, and I actively engaged in what I was doing. It’s all about mindfulness.


A glass jar (like an old candle jar) or a glass bottle

The rest of these are all just recommendations. Do what calls to your soul. I’m all about that.
Sea salt or pink Himalayan salt
Rose quartz chips (sadly I didn’t have any!)
Dried rose petals
Chocolate (I chose a dark chocolate bar with a hint of sea salt)
Pink candle

What to do:

Get in your witchy mood. Light candles and incense. Play your self-love music playlist. Find those vibes that make you feel super in love with yourself.

Add your ingredients to your spell bottle. I made a little funnel out of paper to easily get things inside.
As you add each ingredient, name one thing that you love about yourself.
Seal the bottle with candle wax.
Hold the bottle in your hands and feel the love radiating back toward you.
Put the bottle on your altar or some other place where you will see it often.
Finish off the rest of the chocolate.

self-love spell bottle
self-love spell bottle
self-love spell bottle
self-love spell bottle

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