Seven Day Challenges

Seven Day Challenges

Working on yourself and your mental health can be pretty overwhelming and also exhausting. I wanted to create small seven-day challenges that give you easy-to-do exercises, journaling prompts, and affirmations. These originally ran on Patreon but I think that they're such an awesome little idea that once the month on Patreon is over, I'll be adding them to my shop. The first one is on the inner critic!

I'm focusing on the Foundations of Self-Care, my own interpretation of what aspects are most important when it comes to loving yourself. First up is your inner voice and self-talk. The Inner Critic plays a huge part in the way that we talk about and to ourselves.

This seven-day challenge gives you an activity, a journaling prompt, and an affirmation for seven days. It also includes a Trello Board to help you keep track of the challenge, make notes, and customize it in a way that works for you!

Here's What's Inside The Inner Critic Seven Day Challenge

- 11 page PDF (With a full-color version and a separate black and white version)
- 1 Trello Board Template (Which can be used with a free account!)
- Seven Activities, Journaling Prompts, and Affirmations

Trello is a free platform originally created for companies to keep track of projects and it's awesome. I use it for my business and my personal life and it's really helpful for people who don't have a printer or who like to have their lists immediately handy (because it also has a free app).

The Trello board has everything that you'll find in the PDF PLUS extra explanations and information. It also gives you the ability to write notes and customize your challenge.