Shame Spiral Worksheets

Before I knew what a Shame Spiral was, I just called it “spiraling”. Spiraling happens when we feel like we’ve done something wrong, or we’re not good enough. Instead of working through those feelings, they take control and drag us down the rabbit hole of unworthiness. On the way down we find judgment, self-loathing, and so much shame.

It can affect so many other aspects of your life. I used to live in a spiral of unworthiness when it came to my relationships. Every single thing I did "wrong" just reinforced how unworthy I was. I've shame spiraled over small disagreements with my partner, I've shame spiraled over the emotional abuse I suffered from my ex, it's so common. We all do it.

I wanted to dig deep into that spiral and talk about each part of it and how we can stop those shame spirals.

What's Inside?

  • 19 Page PDF (Full color and a black and white version)
  • Digital fill-in enabled. Fill it in from your phone, computer, device, or print it out.
  • Recognizing Your Triggers
  • Understanding Your Spiral
  • The Anatomy of a Shame Spiral
  • Understanding the Root of Your Shame
  • Several Steps to Stop the Shame Spiral

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