Shapeshifters: Embrace the Wild.

I finally got the deck Oracle of the Shapeshifters in the mail a few days ago and I have been loving the cards, they are fantastic! Yesterday I even pulled cards for fans of the Facebook Page, and I’ll definitely be doing that again, so stay tuned!

Today, I pulled a card for you, for me, for us, and I wanted to share it with you. I love sharing the messages of the cards, they allow us to look deeper into what is happening around us.

This card completely represents where I am right now and I hope that you find some wisdom in its message as well.

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt. She roams the forest embracing the ways of the wild. With her bow in hand she represents strength and accuracy, always hitting her mark. She is the huntress and she is also the protectress.

Artemis insists that you go deep into the wild, leave your comfort behind, and then discover your own strength.

How perfect is that? That’s what I’m feeling right now. It’s time for me to really be responsible for my experiences and my emotions. I want to stop just reacting to what is going on around me and I want to make things happen. I want to rediscover my awesome. I want to forge my own path into the forest instead of following the well-trod ones.

Artemis is a fearless Goddess who does what she needs to do to survive. She can be gentle and comforting but it is underlined with strength and a strong sense of survival.

Artemis tells us that it is time to embrace the wild, either within ourselves or out in nature. We can, we will, survive. We are able to support ourselves, we are able to give ourselves exactly what we need. We can be self-sufficient and aware of our own power.

We are powerful.

That’s what I want all of us to remember, we are strong women, and we kick ass, and we are survivors. That’s something that we need to remind ourselves of every single morning. 
p.s. You are awesome.

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