Self-Care Worksheets | Printables

Hello there you wonderful human being! I'm Dominee and I create digital workbooks, self-care worksheets, and printables. In 2011, I was struggling to love myself while also dealing with severe anxiety and depression. I discovered that writing and worksheets helped. So I started creating my own and the rest is history. I hope my worksheets help keep you accountable and motivated on your self-love/mental health journey. All of my worksheets are created from my own personal experience and they're not a replacement for professional mental health services.

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This bundle includes the following worksheets: Anger Workbook | Feelings Wheel Worksheets | The Trigger Journal | Self-Care For Bad Mental Health Days | Uncovering Grief | Self-Care For Break Ups  | Shame Spirals Worksheets

This bundle includes the following worksheets: Self-Care for Bad Mental Health Days | Mental Illness Symptom Wheels | Sobriety Worksheets | Anxiety Scale | Depression Scale | Behavior Chain Analysis Worksheet | Black and White Thinking | Mental Health Stickers | Breathe: Anxiety Workbook | Mental Health SLW Add-On

This bundle includes: Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure | Self-Love Workbook | Self-Talk & Your Inner Voice  | 2023 Self-Care Planner (Focus on practicing self-care every day) | Morning Self-Care Worksheet | Self-Care Routine Worksheet  | Self-Care Game Pack  | Self-Care Digital Stickers  | Types of Self-Care Digital Print