Smelly Stuffs: Sage

Let’s talk about smelly things, good smelly things of course! Specifically the very cleansing, bliss-you-out smell of Sage.

Sage is my go to essential oil for cleansing my space of negative juju. 

Having sage simmering in an essential oil warmer or in a candle helps disperse negative energies in the room. This is especially good if there’s been a lot of strife and chaos in your home life.

You can also get sage smudge sticks, which are usually bundles of sage and other herbs that you burn. When the herbs start smoking you slowly wave the smudge stick around your home, letting the smoke move around the space.

In its essential oil form (diluted with a carrier oil) Sage can be used for so many different things. If you have a migraine try rubbing a dab of sage on your temple and massaging it in (lavender works too!) close your eyes and spend a few minutes relaxing and breathing deeply.

Sage is also good for meditation, in ancient times it was used to help create a meditative or spiritual trance-like state. If you need a bit of a spiritual jump-start you might want to try working this into your spiritual practice to see if it can enhance your spiritual connection.

Allow yourself to breathe deeply and let spirit flow through you.

Sage is also a great oil to help with painful menstrual symptoms. You can make yourself a massage oil and rub it on your back or abdomen. One of my favorite ways to help soothe cramps (and you can do this with no oil at all or a different essential oil) is to make a hot compress. Take a washcloth and soak it in hot water. Wring the water out, apply a few drops of oil, and then press it against your lower belly. Cover the washcloth with a towel (right out of the dryer so it’s warm too is extra soothing).

Taking a warm bath with a few drops of sage can help with cramps too, as well as help alleviate depression and headaches.

Remember to never use undiluted essential oil on your skin and this is not a substitute for medical advice.

Have you ever used Sage? What was your experience?