Story of the Selkie

The Selkie is a being who lives as a seal in the water but can transform into a human on land. The Selkie’s story is usually a sad one as they can only stay on land for a short period of time unless their pelts are stolen.

There tales are usually of a Selkie falling in love with a human and then having to leave them to return to the sea. Alternatively, if their pelt is stolen they must remain on land and are unable to return to the sea.

The Selkie is torn between worlds.

Her ability to choose is taken away. The Selkie represents how important it is for us to make our choices and embrace our freedom and authenticity. Her story is for those of us that have forgotten our strength and freedom and our right to choose again and again and again.

We are so blessed.

We get to choose who we get to be with, we get to stay with our families – shall we choose to, to dance as we will, to worship as we please. We get so many choices on a daily basis, and when we compare that to the past, to the histories of our ancestors, it’s so amazing to think that we have the ultimate control of so many aspects of our lives and story.

What choices have you made? What choices will you make?

There’s so much beauty and power in our choices. The world is open to us and ready to support us in whatever path we decide to take. Now is the time to dance and celebrate your freedom. Here is a reminder for you: Your life is yours to control. Don’t give up your power. Don’t fall into complacency by allowing others to make your choices for you.

Don’t believe that you are stuck where you are.

You aren’t. It might hurt to get un-stuck, it might be awhile before things better, it might take a lot of energy or work to follow through with your choices, but at the end of the day, you get to make them, as well as the choices that come from your choices.

Embrace it.