Sweeping Into Spring with a Free Worksheet!

Hello Sweetums’! I’m formulating a new plan for my Tuesday Topic. I’m thinking free goodies every week, cause I love making things and I love sharing! So let’s do this!

Today I am sharing with you a worksheet that I made just for you! It’s called “Sweeping into Spring”. Let’s get started on setting our intentions! Download here!

Share, share, share away! Print it off and give it to your kids, it would be fun for them too!

What I am sweeping out of my life:
Self-doubt. Negative, mean, people that disguise themselves as friends. Giving myself to those who don’t give to me. Bad choices that don’t allow me to feel nourished.

What I’m sweeping in:
Belief in my business and myself. Lots of new dreams that WILL unfold. More connectedness and conversation with my online tribe. Believing that I have something great and beautiful to give to the world. Positive energy and love to myself and everyone else. Great, solid, friendships.

Download here!

What are you sweeping in and out of your life?

P.S. If you like this you should check out my Spring Blessings ebook, which comes with a book of worksheets as well!