it's okay to quit

It’s Okay to Quit Things You Don’t Enjoy

Since October, I’ve been learning Korean through a variety of different apps, YouTube Channels, and watching KDramas (they’re my favorite thing!). I started on DuoLingo because that seems to be the go-to app for languages….

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Break from Social Media

I’m Taking A Break from Social Media

Last year I talked about how I almost took a break from social media and the downsides I was experiencing. For the month of August, I’m trying an experiment. I’m taking an honest-to-goodness break. At…

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traumatic relationship

Healing From a Traumatic Relationship

If you’ve been around for a while then you’ve probably read about my relationship with an alcoholic. Holy trauma batman. I don’t know how I survived with my sanity intact. There were many times I didn’t…

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loving an Alcoholic

Loving an Alcoholic: Part Three

In part one, I talked about the beginning of my relationship with an alcoholic. In part two I talked about how it gets worse. We start off part three with her being sober for two…

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