Loving An Alcoholic: Part One

There was a time when I shared nearly every aspect of my life on this blog. It’s been over seven years, nearly a decade since I pressed “publish” on my little Blogger blog. I’ve grown…

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word of the year

2016 Word-of-the-Year

When I first discovered Leonie Dawson’s Life Planner I became enchanted with the idea of picking a Word-of-the-Year. A word to represent what I want to do/feel/be for the year. It feels like a way…

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Release. Release. Release.

Happy December! It’s the start of a brand new month and I hope that you’re excited for what’s to come. If you love this time of the year I hope you enjoy the holiday spirit…

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Self-Improvement Backslide

The Self-Improvement Backslide

I’ve been open about my own journey of self-improvement, especially my issues with rage. Sometimes I think the Hulk has nothing on me. When you choose to change something about yourself it feels like this…

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