A Love Letter to Shy Girls

I am shy. Sometimes it feels like the worst non-superhero power you could ever have. For all of the shy girls out there who get that, who know how hard it is to talk and…

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12 Things I Learned Last Year

This last year felt like a huge challenge in being true to myself and my wants. (Although don’t they all, really?) My sense of self was tested and stretched and my ideas about who I…

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What’s your 2015 Anthem?

If you bought the 2015 Self Love Planner you probably saw that there’s a page to choose your 2015 Theme Song. The last few years I’ve taken to choosing a song and making it my…

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2014 the Year of Sucky Writing

This whole year I’ve felt myself drawing within, pulling away, burrowing inside of my own skin where it feels safe and comfortable. And that’s lead to a period of sucky writing. Not that my writing…

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