stop verbally abusing your body

Stop Verbally Abusing Your Body

Let’s talk about how to stop verbally abusing your body. As you know from my fitness/body-love worksheets and the Body Love Gym, it’s so important to love your body and to meet your needs without…

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Befriend Your Body

There is no greater gift that you can give yourself than loving yourself fully. Your mind. Your soul. Your lovely body. I don’t know about you but once spring and summer roll around I get…

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You are a beautiful woman

You are a beautiful woman And you may scoff and roll your eyes With a list of “but”s at the ready But that doesn’t make it a lie You can name those things you don’t…

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body love songs

Body Love Songs: Body Boosting Jams

Is it just me or has there been some really amazing body positive music coming out lately? Not just inspiring lyrics but videos that really showcase different body types? It’s bad-ass and it makes me…

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