my spiritual journey

My Spiritual Journey: Magical Me

It’s Autumn and do you know what that means to me? Delving deep into religion, spirituality, and my magical practice. I’ve mentioned a little bit about how my spirituality waxes and wanes but I haven’t…

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Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday and what a wonderful one it has been so far. All of the things I have been thankful for have just been reinforced tenfold. I have been so blessed with well wishes and…

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I Am Leo, Hear Me Roar

Good morning darlings. So it’s a brand new month and with a brand new month comes a brand new opportunity to be great. I’m all about giving myself second chances… 2,568 chances… whichever, ya know….

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I Wish to Nourish My Spirit

I decided to participate in Wishcasting Wednesday. This week’s prompt is ‘What Do You Wish To Nourish?’ The first answer that comes to mind is that I wish to nourish my friendships. However, after a little bit…

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