message of love

A Message of Love

I love ya, ya know? I have the best online tribe that ever was, that’s simply fact. You all are just fantastic and you give me ze warm fuzzies all over. You just needed to…

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Sacred Path + Notes of Love

Good morning my darlings. So I’ve been thinkthinkthinking about our direction, mine and yours, and our path together, and then a beautiful idea came to me. A sharing of our paths.  Joining, intertwining, walking side-by-side,…

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A Love Note for Anyone With Depression

I am well-acquainted with Depression. We’re old friends. There are days when Depression sucks the air from the room and makes me feel so completely alone. Like my existence is a burden. Like there never has been…

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You Are Enough: A Love Note

You are enough. We always want to be more or less. Less emotional. More fit. Less scatter-brained. More beautiful. But we are just right. You are just right. Just how you are. You are enough….

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