How to Be Mindful

I struggle with mindfulness. I’m the type of person that gets stressed out and then goes on autopilot just to get through the day. Mindfulness is pretty much the opposite of that. When we are…

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guided meditations

My 5 Favorite Guided Meditations

I love talking about meditation, especially guided meditation. It’s a huge part of my mental health. The meditation The Cliff, was especially life-changing for me. (Also, check out this one about a rainbow) I love all…

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Breath is Life: Pranayama

One of the greatest tools I’ve learned in this zen journey I am embarking on, is how important it is to breathe. Just breathe. That simple little thing. There are so many things we can…

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Sometimes You Have To Let Go and Fall

 I absolutely adore meditation, especially guided meditation. Guided meditation is when you listen to an audio track of someone navigating you through a scenario that your lovely brain gets to imagine. It’s calming, peaceful, helps…

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