toxic traits

What Are Your Low-Key Toxic Traits?

I’m a Hufflepuff. If you’re not into Harry Potter, Hufflepuff is the house that values patience and loyalty. Patience and loyalty are awesome traits unless they’re rooted in unresolved trauma and fear of abandonment combined…

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How Trello Helps Me Manage Anxiety

When I first started learning how to manage my anxiety, I discovered pretty quickly that a routine, stability, and a lack of surprises is my optimum functioning environment. I’m pretty sure that my childhood had…

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Body Positivity

Fitness + Body Positivity Suggestions Needed!

Today’s blog post for NaBloPoMo was supposed to be about something completely different, you’ll see what tomorrow! Instead, we’re going to talk about fatness, fitness, and body positivity. If you’ve been around a while then…

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Gaslighting & the After-Effects

This morning, I was browsing Facebook, as you do, and I came across a meme that talked about how victims of gaslighting often develop a tendency to over-explain themselves. And it hit me hard because…

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Keep Breathing

“Keep breathing. If you keep breathing, eventually something changes.” – Krishna Das. This quote popped up in my Facebook memories from a few years ago and even though I can’t remember why I posted it,…

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