i hate my name

I hate my name.

I have never been very fond of my name for a variety of reasons. I hate it. It’s always felt like this baggage that I have to carry with me and can’t let go of….

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Live Your Amends

I love finding bits of real knowledge and wisdom from unexpected places. Tv shows, movies, and books are something that we integrate into our lives but we rarely see it as anything but entertainment. I…

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The Lady of Shalott

Hello there m’dears! Lately I’ve been digging into my musical history and falling in love with songs all over again. If you follow me on Facebook you’ve probably noticed a bit of Celtic Woman popping…

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Back to Boundaries

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries and Kim’s post yesterday brought those thoughts even more to the forefront of my mind. A lot of tests to my boundaries have been taking place lately…

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