self-care jar

Self-Care Jar: Activity

Here’s a cute little self-care idea and it’s good for kids too! You can also decorate the jar in creative ways, or you can have multiple jars, like for when you’re depressed or anxious! Cover…

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Self-Care Battery: Recharge Yours!

In the Self-Love Workbook, I talk a lot about self-care and recharging. But how do you know what and how to recharge? Let’s have a little chat about your self-care battery. Have you ever heard…

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moment for yourself

Self-Care: A Moment For Yourself

Self-Care Sunday, yay! Ready for your Self-Care Assignment? Before we get started I wanted to chat with you a little about what self-care is and why I love it so much, and am encouraging you…

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self-love exercise

Mirror, Mirror: A Self-Care Exercise

Today it’s cold here in Oklahoma (we might even get SNOW tomorrow) but I’m staying warm with my soft, fuzzy, green blanket and blue, green, purple, and turquoise fuzzy socks. I love soft, fuzzy, things!…

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