types of self-care

Types of Self-Care You Need to Know

There are six main types of self-care! If you’re struggling to create time for self-care or you’re trying to discover what kinds of self-care you need in your life right now, check out the Self-Love…

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summer self-care

30 Summer Self-Care Ideas

It’s a brand new month! That means it’s time to grab your Self-Care Planner and start filling out your goals and self-care plans for June. I never much liked summer until I started managing my…

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self care kit

Create Your Own Self-Care Kit!

I unknowingly made my own Self-Care Kit almost five years ago. I was feeling pretty down and going through a period of intense depression. I got on facebook and asked my friends to send me a…

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September self-care

September Self-Care Check-In

Happy September! I hope you’ve been having a good month so far. Have you checked out the Autumn Self-Care Challenge? It’s a great way to add more self-care into your month in a focused way….

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