the trouble with magic

Teas + Reads: The Trouble With Magic

First off I want to say I love you, I love you, I love you and I am so grateful. The comments, love, and engagement of my readers makes my heart go boom. You all are awesome and I appreciate each and every one of you!

Teas and Reads! Two of my favorite self-care activities. Today’s tea favorite is Sweet Tangerine by Yogi. I’m pretty in love with it. It has such a yummy citrus-y flavor.

Today’s book review is a little bit different because it’s fiction and silly and has nothing to do with self-improvement. That’s why it’s perfect! We all need to take a little step back from “the work” and do that self-care. Time to enjoy the little things in life!

I really liked reading this book!  It’s called The Trouble With Magic and it’s the first book in the wonderful Bewitching Mysteries Series and I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading it!

It’s one of those books that you can curl up with on a rainy day.

You can spend the whole afternoon getting lost in the story and it’s not very taxing. Just a nice, easy read.

I’m normally not a fan of mystery/murder/supernatural books but this one is witchy/magical in nature. The main character, Maggie, is 29 and lives in a small town in Indiana, working a job that she hates. After losing her job, she stumbles upon an antique shop called Enchantments. She meets the owner, Felicity. Maggie and Felicity hit it off right away and Maggie finds herself offered a job at Enchantments.

Maggie discovers that Felicity is a Witch/Wiccan. When Felicity is put under arrest for her estranged sister’s murder, Maggie is put in charge of Enchantments. Suddenly, it is up to Maggie to figure out what is happening and whether or not she is working for a murderer. With the help of some really attractive men, Tom, a Police Officer, and Marcus a motorcycle-riding member of Felicity’s Coven, Maggie begins to suspect something else is going on.

Add in some spooky happenings in Maggie’s life and she begins to wonder if maybe magic is real and if she has a bit of it herself.

It’s cute, it’s an easy read, and I love the author’s sense of humor. It’s the perfect book to lounge around in bed reading.

Double, double, toil and… murder?

Rating: 3/5 stars

Have you read The Trouble With Magic? Thoughts?