“I was diagnosed with PTSD and General Anxiety Disorder some years ago, results of an abusive childhood and military service.  The mindfulness strategy has been the most successful for me in dealing with the biggest portion. The other has been to charge head first into and through fears. Being aware of the moments it kicks up, acknowledging it and figuring out what triggered it has been key and your book gives the reader help to lay all this out. Each page I read I just kept saying to myself yes, yes, yes all the while feeling the moments burdens/stresses lighten.

I am a bookworm, love research and have spent countless hours reading every self-improvement book I could get my hands on.  Some were great for me, others not so much. I have usually been frustrated because of two things; either the content went WAY above my head with too much or the layout was scattered. The content in yours was spot on and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was easy to read, gave me a feeling of validation, you know the one…. the no I’m not alone in this mess feeling.  Sharing your story, putting yourself out there helps the reader to connect with you and know that you are truly coming from a place of understanding.”


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