climbed a tree

That Time I Climbed a Tree For the First Time!

climbed a treeHello all you lovely, wonderful, fantastic people! Right now I am outside, sitting in a park (actually, right now I’m sitting at home, but I’m typing what I wrote in the park). Last night was not a good night, not for lack of trying on my part, this being a positive person thing is hard. This morning I found myself walking home from work and I was not happy. I was the complete opposite of happy. I’d come up with this wonderful plan to get an iced coffee, take pretty pictures of nature-y things, stop at the park and write, or read. I wanted to be relaxed and joyful. This was my plan.

After work I looked outside and it was cloudy and gloomy and suddenly my whole mood sunk and my plan didn’t seem so wonderful after all. Then someone hurt my feelings and my mood sunk even lower. So I began the walk home without coffee and without a good mood. As I walked, I listened to one of Goddess Leonie’s inspiring podcasts but it didn’t make me feel better. The tears started falling as I stomped my way home. Sad and angry at my feelings, at the wind, the overcast skies, my sore muscles. I was miserable.

As I was walking, and wiping tears, I saw this woman walking up ahead. I almost caught up with her to ask if she would keep me company for a bit. I was so sad and so lonely. However, I was too shy to actually do it. So I continued on, even more miserable and alone.

I continued to walk and I switched to listening to music and the song I was listening to, Heart Sutra by Wah! began to make me feel better. As I was listening things changed inside of me. Wise words began to sink through the misery. Soon I was crying tears of relief because it does get better. No matter how bad I felt, I realized that it could get better if I really wanted it to. I had to choose joy. I had to choose things that set me aglow and fill me with happiness. Healing can happen in an instant. In the time that it takes to take a deep breath the whole world can change for you.

I felt marginally better after that, although I was still waiting for that flood of sadness to return. I got here, to the park, and I sat on the bench-swing and I  listened. I breathed. I smiled. This was healing to me. This was a good day. It was, it was, it was! I sat there filled with happiness, with positivity, and then I saw the trees. Oh, how I love trees! Suddenly the idea occurred to me that I was going to climb one for the first time ever, right here, right now.

And guess what? I did! I climbed a tree and it was GLORIOUS!

It was one of the most fantastic moments ever, so filled with joy and glee, and complete and utter happiness. It was child-like and wonderous and I felt great. So now I’m sitting here writing this, no longer up in the tree but back on the bench, and there’s this wonderful little squirrel that came up and stood about two feet away from me. I adore tree critters!

I’m no longer at the park, I’m at home now and that squirrel was amazing. After he came up to me, he ran up a tree and sat there looking at me. After that we played a game where I chased him around the tree a few times. At one point he disappeared and when I looked up he was hanging right above my head, I had a scary moment when I thought he was going to drop and land on me! Hahaha, but he didn’t, so I waved goodbye and finished the walk home, singing loudly to happy music and feeling like I had discovered something marvelous.

Tapping into that inner child inside of us is healing.

Healing CAN happen in an instant.

Happiness IS attainable.

You just have to take a deep breath and reach for it! You never know where you will end up, maybe up a tree!