The 7 Happiest Places on the Internet

The internet can be a wonderful place, in fact, most of my friends live there. Yet, it can also be a place full of trolls, hatred, and unhappiness, especially for a sensitive person like me. Before I unfollowed, unliked, and unfriended the things that brought me down there were many times when a perfectly good mood was ruined by the internet.

You log on first thing in the morning and where’s the first place you go? Maybe you check your email, the news, Facebook, or catch up on the latest celeb gossip. I don’t judge, but I have a question?

Does your internet ritual make you happy?

If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not really’ then I have just the thing for you. Here’s a list of my favorite happy-inducing websites. Perfect for the every day or those days that are full of ‘the suck’.

If you fall into the habit of opening the same few websites and mindlessly scrolling, allow me to mix up your routine with a few places to add a bit of brightness to your day.

Happiest Places on the Internet

1. Bored Panda

Bored Panda is full of cuteness, humor, and positive news. While you will find the occasional thought-provoking and sometimes sad, articlee, it’s an overwhelmingly positive place to visit.

2. Do Nothing For Two Minutes

Are you in desperate need of a little break? Do Nothing For Two Minutes challenges you to practice being in the moment, just for two minutes. No touching your keyboard or mouse, no browsing the ‘net. Just a delicious moment of being. I challenge you to visit once a day, close your eyes, and enjoy.

3. The Nicest Place On the Internet

Cute videos of strangers giving you hugs, because sometimes you need ’em. Feel the universal love. Know that there are people out there who recorded those videos just for someone like you who needs them. People are pretty wonderful.

4. The Quiet Place Project

This is another great place for bad days with a few different uses. The Quiet Place lets you practice mindfulness and being in the moment. The Thoughts Room allows you to type out your bad feelings and explodes them into stars. The Dawn Room is where strangers leave positive messages for each other. It makes a bad day better.

5. Today’s Good News

Sometimes you just need to hear the good news going on in the world. Lots of inspiring and heart-warming stories.

6. Calm

If you have a difficult relationship with meditation then Calm will help you out. It’s seriously one of my favorite websites. They have beautiful videos of waves, clouds, snow, stars, along with soothing music. You can set timers for meditation or use one of their guided meditations that will lead you through relaxing your body and calming your mind.

7. Rainy Mood

Sometimes you’ve just got to lay on the couch with a cuddly blanket and listen to the rain falling. That moment of imagining myself in the middle of the storm while I’m all safe and warm always makes me happy.
Happiest Places on the Internet

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What are your favorite online happy places?