The Beauty of Stillness

Autumn is nearly upon us and as I breathe in the cooling temperatures and the hazy mornings I find myself slowing down just a bit. Summer feels like energy to me. It feels like a time to get things done and move and be active and to sweat. Autumn feels the exact opposite and I’ve always been in love with that slow laziness I feel falling around me like leaves.

Drifting, drifting, drifting.

I am reminded of the beauty of stillness, of softness, of taking things slow. When I’m doing yoga (which I’ve been keeping up with lately, go me!) I love the slow way my body moves from pose to pose. I feel it throughout my body, it doesn’t just happen, it’s experienced and savored.

Being in the moment is such a lovely feeling.

We need more of that. Every day. That languid, fluid, natural way of being. The card I’m sharing today is from Steven Farmer’s Earth Magic deck and it captures perfectly that stillness that I think we all need to incorporate into our lives.

“The subdued pastels of the early morning light quietly announce that the night is over and the sun is rising. The lake itself hasn’t awakened from its rest and remains still and undisturbed. It welcomes the coming day, ready to respond with grace and fluidity to whatever currents and movements appear in its belly or upon its skin. The surrounding vegetation thrives from the surrounding water near the shoreline and the unoccupied boat lies in wait for its next passenger. All is at rest in this scene.”

Doesn’t that sound all sorts of lovely? I have a challenge for you. Let stillness into your life. I don’t know about you but I generally don’t like letting things be. I have to be in control, I have to know what the outcome is going to be, I want to plan for everything and I want to know that it’s going to turn out my way.

Does that sound familiar?

The last few weeks I’ve been loosening my grip on having to control some things in my life and I’m allowing them to unfold. I’ve found a kind of peace in that, a lessening of anxiety, just allowing it to be how it’s going to be.

Do you have any areas of your life that need to be more fluid?

Let’s spend a few moments today living in the stillness of the moment. Taking a few deep, wonderful, belly breaths. Being conscious of what you are feeling right now in the moment. Letting go of that iron grip of control. Allow yourself to experience tranquility. Slow your thoughts down. Mull them over in your mind before moving onto the next one.

You don’t have to be busy busy busy all of the time.

You are allowed to take the time to do nothing.

To savor each breath.

To smile and indulge in a thought or a daydream.

To let go of needing to know how everything is going to turn out.

To be still.

How do you indulge in stillness?

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