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The Best Meditation Game: Playne

Firstly, this is in no way a sponsored post. I’m not getting paid to love Playne or to talk about it or to think it’s the best meditation game ever. I just really enjoy it and I think you will too. I downloaded it last year near the start of the Pandemic. I was working in retail and I was having so much trouble managing my stress. It was wearing me down. My normal self-care routine really wasn’t making a dent in it.

I saw this game and was so excited because I love gaming and I love meditating (when I find the time or motivation) so it’s perfect for me.

So when you first log onto Playne the music is super calming and soothing. That was the thing I first noticed about it. Sometimes I’ll log on just to listen to the background music while I’m playing on my phone because it’s just that happy-inducing.

Starting the game, there’s a fox that tells you a little story and also talks you through the basics of meditation. If you’ve never meditated before this is helpful because you learn that wandering thoughts are okay!

It’s okay if you can’t clear your mind and it’s okay if you aren’t “perfect”.

Playne gives you the option of three landscapes. The first one, Story Mode, is full of trees and lush grasses. There’s a river and the shore of an ocean. The second landscape, Sandbox Mode, has the river and the ocean but it’s completely bare. You fill it with trees, bushes, and grass by meditating. Each time you meditate, it gives you seeds to plant along the landscape. Evolve Mode is available once you complete story mode.

Each landscape has a fire in the center. Each day you meditate – the fire grows bigger. When you miss a day your fire goes out and you start all over (though you have the option to keep it going if you want!).

In Story Mode, you can choose where you want to meditate – on the ocean shore (with the sounds of waves crashing). Near the river (with the happy sound of rushing water). Directly over the ocean water or in front of the campfire.

Sandbox Mode is fun because you get to walk around the landscape. You can meditate anywhere you want. After a few sessions, you’ll usually find a favorite “spot”. You also get to build the world around you – choosing where you plant trees and bushes.

What makes Playne the best meditation game?

It makes it come to fun back to. I’ve downloaded a ton of meditation apps like InsightTimer (which I still love) but the thing about Playne is that it makes it has some really awesome features that encourage you to come back.

  • Different weather options are unlocked the more you play. My favorite is the windy, rainy, thunderstorms. The different nature sounds add an extra element of relaxation.
  • Unlock features like fireflies, birds, the northern lights.
  • Unlock the ability to change the time of day. Playne works on it’s own night/day cycle so the sun/moon changes within the game each time you meditate. Eventually, you get the option to choose whether the scenery is morning, midday, evening, or nighttime.
  • Different types of meditation. There are several meditations to choose from. There are a few guided meditations, meditations that focus on your breathing, and “thought pages”. I often use the thought pages because you type out what’s bothering you onto the screen. Like a long letter. When the meditation is finished you “throw” the words into the fire. It’s a nice little releasing exercise.

Overall, I just really adore the game. When I’m having severe anxiety it’s less a meditation game and more of a secret hideout. I put on my headphones and go to my little spot on the beach where I can hear the waves and I let myself relax.