The Call of Whale Song

I have been obsessed with whales ever since the first time I saw Free Willy or maybe it was Ocean Girl, which was a pretty awesome show. It was about a girl who swam and talked to whales and considered them family.

I digress, but my point stands whale = awesome.

Whales are the largest mammals in the world and they all exhale through their blowholes. I’ve talked about the breath and how letting out a big exhalation can relieve stress. You’ve probably even done it unintentionally when you are frustrated or angry.

So many creation myths start with the sea and this has given the whale to be a symbol of creation as well as creating. Getting in touch with whale energy can help you to be more creative and embrace those energies that are around you. This is especially true if your creativity involves song or sound.

Whale teaches us to sing our song.

To discover our voice and use it. To communicate with it. In doing those things we also learn how to listen to it. To hear that inner voice that calls and sings to us. To be vocal inside and outside of ourselves with our gentle yet powerful song. Our song, our voice, is unique and beautiful.

With everything there must be balance. 

It might also be time to dive deep deep deep into the depths of the water, allowing it to engulf you and allowing you to dwell in silence. Aside from their song, silence is something that I also associate with Whale. It has the ability to dive thousands of feet beneath what we know of the world. When you think about it, it’s a pretty amazing thought.

Dive deep into the waters, allow the silence to engulf you, and when the time is right, sing your song.