Email Catastrophe

The Email Catastrophe (Why I Suck At Business)

Let me tell you the sad tale of woe of the Email Catastrophe.

During my sabbatical, I was a little lax on keeping up with my email. (read: I didn’t keep up with it at all). Yesterday I decided to tackle the great big inbox monster of 900+ emails. Backstory: I get my personal emails and my emails sent to the same place for convenience.

As I was going through these emails I realized that most of them were random notifications from my favorite websites and newsletters. Once I’d tackled a whole month’s worth I realized that I had not-a-one Blessing Manifesting related email, which all sorts of bummed me out.

Anyway, I trudged on because I was riding this huge wave of inspiration and motivation and I felt like I had a halo of rainbows and sunshine and glitter around me because I am Super Biz woman, hear me roar. So I chugged on and easily sent another month’s full of notifications to the trash and then, in horror, it dawned on me. No requests to the SoulSisterhood? No submissions for guest postings? Complete silence for two whole months? That can’t be possible!

I felt like my stomach took a trip to my toes. I frantically logged into a different email account and sent a test email to 10 minutes later I was still looking at an empty inbox freaking the fark out. I discovered that while I could send emails – I could not receive emails. So, I talked to my website host and they fixed the issue but the fact remains from May 11th until this morning I haven’t received any emails and there’s no way to recover them.

I was really tempted to sit in a corner and cry.

Then the Drama Queen came out. I was all like This is a sign from the Universe that I suck at Biz and I should just quit. I let everyone down by being an oblivious moron. Why do these things always happen to meeeeee? It was all very self-pitying and dramatical. Eventually I came to my senses. Yes, it does totally and absolutely suck. But at the end of the day, it’s bounce-back-able and I can’t let it get me down.

If you’ve sent me an email in the last two months – please re-send it!

Important Lessons Learned:
Paying attention is pretty essential
Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches
It’s not the end of the world, until it is, and then there’ll be zombies

Thanks for sticking with me. You are amazing and I appreciate you.