The Goddess Artemis

One of my wishes for the New Year is to reconnect with my spirituality. It’s really been put on the back burner lately as I put my focus on self-care and business. I know that it’s something that I need and want to focus on.

My relationship with the Divine has been constant, if sometimes quiet. I embrace both the masculine and feminine aspects of God.

I tend to connect with the Greek/Roman pantheon. The most influential Goddesses in my life have been Hestia and Aphrodite. A few days ago I began to hear the call of Artemis.

I realized that it is time to learn what Artemis has to teach me.

It happens when a Goddess wants my attention. She keeps popping up when I least expect it and I randomly find thoughts of her in my head. The other night I was at work and had my mp3 player on shuffle when an Artemis Meditation popped up. I’ve listened to it before, but it especially struck a chord with me.

Artemis is a Huntress and Greek Goddess of the moon, the wilderness, and childbirth. She is one of the twelve Olympians, or main deities in the Greek Pantheon. She is the twin sister to Apollo who is the God of the Sun.

I think the lessons that Artemis has to teach me is about fierce independence, embracing my wild side, and coming into my own as a woman.

I see lots of great things coming from this and I can not wait to share it with you!

What Goddesses have popped up in your life? What have you learned from them?