The Little Beautiful Things

I absolutely love this song Beauty In The World by Macy Gray. It’s such a good reminder to look for all of the beauty in the world. It’s one of my favorite summer songs. Reminds me of taking walks with my mp3 player blaring in my ears and my body moving to the music despite myself.

Summer is full of Little Beautiful Things.

What LBTs have you seen today? There is so much opportunity to notice the little things in life as you go out into the world.

The color of the water in a lake, the way a butterfly flutters around, the feeling of warm rain falling from the sky, the way the sunlight moves through the trees when the breeze blows by. The heavy, lulling sound of insects and birds.

It’ll be autumn in a month, so enjoy summer in all its magic and notice all of the little things that are happening in your life right now!

What’s one little beautiful thing you’ve appreciated today?

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