The Magic of Sunstone

Today’s topic comes from my Spring Blessings ebook to be released this Wednesday! (check out this contest to win a free copy!) I was researching different stones and crystals that are good for new beginnings or just fit with the theme of Spring. I came across Sunstone so I went out and bought some just to get familiar with it.

It is awesome!

It is truly beautiful with flecks of sparkle in it and I am just obsessed with holding it up to the light and watching it sparkle.

So what can Sunstone do for you?

If you suffered through winter depression this stone will allow you to begin to heal and let the light back into your life.

Another thing that this stone is great for (and something that I need a lot of) is help saying “no”. It helps you create and maintain healthy boundaries between you and others. It’s also good for helping with co-dependency issues.

This stone wins my vote for my official stone of Spring. I think it might be one of my new favorites. It can lift dark moods and be beneficial if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you have abandonment issues, feelings of failure, or lack of self-esteem, definitely try working with this stone.

For an extra dose of oomph sit outside and meditate with a sunstone while sitting in the sun. Feel the warmth from the stone in your hand and feel the warmth of the sun sinking in to your bones.

What’s your favorite crystal and why?

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