The Magic of Your Story

Morning my beautiful Blossoms!

Last week was such a gentle and relaxing week full of taking time for myself, filling up my well, and taking it easy. Right now inspiration and beauty (and tons of love) is just spilling out of me.

Last week as I looked back through blog posts, some of them over a year old, I realized something that I never really acknowledged back then.

My story matters and so does yours.

All-in-all, believe it or not, I’m a pretty boring person in the day to day. I don’t travel, I don’t go out on retreats, I don’t go out often, and I live alone without the entertainment of children. I live in my own little self contained, homebody, world that consists of working from 10pm to 7am at Walmart, doing my spirit work when I get home in the morning, playing computer games with my bestie for an hour or two, and then sleeping. My routine doesn’t change very much. Even though I’m incredibly boring my words still matter and my voice still needs to be heard, and I am still wise and full of wisdom.

So are you!

Despite how “boring” you think you are don’t ever let that stop you from being a guide, from sharing the wisdom you’ve gleaned from the mundane. You have a story to tell, so tell it.

Today’s card comes from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery. The Storykeeper faery sits on her throne recording my story, recording yours, knowing that each journey holds an immense amount of power. She encourages you to be the main character in your own journey as you are meant to be. Step up, be strong, brave, and magical and know that you are the writer, the author, of your tale. You get to decide what you do and where you go next. You get to write your own happy ending… and the epilogue… and then the next book… and the one after that… You hold the quill, the pen, the keyboard at your finger tips. It’s all up to you.

How do you feel about telling your own story? If someone was writing a book with you in it do you think you’d be a main character or a supporting one? Why?