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The MoonSisterhood: Online Witch Group

I’ve been practicing an earth-based spiritual path for nearly 18 years now (Gods that makes me feel old). I started out as a little baby Pagan reading Scott Cunningham books and practicing magic outside in the dead of night when my mom was asleep. The thing I remember most about that time, silly as it is, is the apple cinnamon scented candle I used for all of my spellwork. To this day, that smell brings me back.

Over the last few years I’ve grown detached from my path, wandered out into the middle of nowhere and I’ve completely lost my way. (Yet, isn’t that the way it always goes?) I’ve been through some really difficult things over the past four years. I was always so stressed/depressed/anxious that my spirituality took a backseat. 

Let’s be honest, I stuffed it in the trunk and forgot about it.

I’d feel the call occasionally, that tug inside of me that says “practice, do something, anything,” and yet I wouldn’t make the time. I did have a short-term affair with Persephoneย a few years ago.ย  She swooped in when I needed her, gave me a swift kick, and basically saved my sanity. I mark that ritual on Samhain in 2017 as the thing that unraveled the destruction in my life (mainly a toxic relationship) and brought me to the joy I find in my life now.

Yet there’s still that disconnect, this wall between me and my spirit that I’m struggling to get over. And I am brought back to the wise words of Jai Uttal. When you’re in a spot like that, pray for the faith to pray for faith. We all get disconnected, and what brings us back is that relentless search to be re-connected. So we pray anyway, even if we aren’t really feeling it. And we show up anyway. Each one of those acts ignites a tiny spark within us.

I decided I needed to show up in my practice every day.

But how to do that? How to accomplish that without getting “busy” or forgetting, or making excuses? Accountability. I got theย Witch version of the Self-Love Workbook and I thought it would help keep me on track, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough. So I asked myself again, “what do you need”? And the answer was again, accountability, something to do on a daily basis – and other people on the journey with me couldn’t hurt.

What I really wanted was a group much like my self-love group the SoulSisterhood where I could pop in, get a bit of a daily tip/inspiration/motivation. I joined a ton of witchy Facebook groups in the past and none of them were quite what I was looking for. The answer of course, was to start one myself.

And I hemmed and hawed. I didn’t really want the responsibility. I wanted to be the student, not the teacher, and yet, I was being led to do this. So I listened.

I created the MoonSisterhood

It’s a place to combine that sense of self-love with my spirituality. The group has been going for a week and it’s already at 200 members. There’s a great mix of beginners and wise ones. 

So far there’s been daily prompts about a variety of things. Moon phase reminders, the sharing of our practice and our rituals. A place to talk about being in the broom closet and how to co-exist with a spouse of a different faith. It’s a really lovely place and it’s totally free. This is your invitation to join us