The Power of the Nautilus Shell

Good morning my sweetlings! November is upon us and I think it’s going to be an amazing one. The Self Love Planner + Workbook is all finished.

Each time I work super hard on something to release out into the world I inevitably get smacked upside the head with growing pains. Sometimes it’s personal, sometimes it’s professional and sometimes it’s a little bit of both. It never feels particularly good, it’s just one of those things you have to ride out and try to enjoy it as best you can because ultimately it means good stuff, even when it’s painful in the moment.

Enter the Nautilus Princess and her message of Powerful Personal Growth.

NautilusThis card comes from the Oracle of Shadows and Light and pictures a beautiful mermaid with long flowing red hair adorned with sea shells. In her arms she holds a nautilus shell. The nautical shell is a very important symbol within itself and one that I’m currently feeling fits perfectly in my life right now.

The nautilus, a type of mollusk who lives in its shell (which is actually its external body and part of the creature itself) is quite amazing. The nautilus has changed very little since prehistoric times. Despite that, it is a creature that represents growth, change, and evolution. The shell consists of a series of chambers where the nautilus lives. Each chamber gets bigger and bigger as the creature outgrows the smaller one and moves onto a bigger one until it outgrows that as well. The nautilus then enlarges its shell by the addition of a new chamber suitable for the next stage of its life.

This represents our ability to change and grow especially on a spiritual level.

The start of the spiral represents where we start off in our spirituality. Eventually we begin to grow and evolve, learning new things and expanding our beliefs so that they fit with who we currently are and where we are at in life.

The creature must keep building new chambers as long as it lives. It cannot go back to the previous ones; they no longer fit. It cannot stay in its present space or it will die. It has no choice but to move on and on.

This Princess in this card is uncertain of where she’s going.

She knows that it’s time to move forward but she isn’t quite sure how.

She knows that she will have to make decisions but she’s unsure of her own power uncertain that she’ll be able to do the right thing. Still, she tries.

She is reminded to grow in ways that are in-tune with her purpose, her integrity, and what she feels is right for her now.

It is now time to take yourself and your potential seriously. I definitely needed to hear that today as I try to shine brighter. Hopefully, these words held wisdom for you too!

In what ways are you currently growing?