The Recalibration of Self

Do you ever have the moments when something inside of you shifts  and you start to question some of the things you thought you knew about yourself?

Good, I’m not the only one.

When those moments happen I like to think of it as a recalibration of self. It’s like when you have a mechanical or electronic device that isn’t working right so you give it a big ol’ wallop to jump start it and get it working again. The Universe does that sometimes too. It smacks you upside the head with a situation just to get you working the way you’re supposed to, whether to re-affirm that you’re on the right path or to show you that it’s time to change or transform.

How you are right now is not how you’re going to be forever.

Everything changes. You change, I change, that’s just the way it is. We aren’t obligated to change for someone else, only for ourselves.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about who I am at the core. I’ve been writing a lot because of my Journey Through Journaling ecourse and it’s really helping me to figure out where I am and who I am and some of it didn’t fit with who I thought I was. It’s like I thought I was walking in a certain direction and then someone hands me a map and points out that I’m really over *there* when I thought I was over *here*.

Figuring out who you are is tricky business.

It’s totally possible to do though. Let go of who other people want you to be or think that you should be. Don’t let others tell you that what makes you happy isn’t good enough or just because your life path is different than what’s “normal” doesn’t mean that it can’t be fulfilling.

Use those opportunities that the Universe gives you to see exactly what you’re made of and to discover exactly who you are. 

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