The Self-Love Rainbow Workbook

The Self-Love Rainbow Workbook is Here!

The Self-Love Rainbow Workbook is officially published. I am a published author. Me, Dominee Calderon – in bookstores everywhere. It feels weird. Never in a million years did I think this would really be my life. Oh, I’ve dreamed it. A million times in a million different ways. I’ve participated in multiple NaNoWriMos (National Novel Writing Month). I’ve written (parts) of a historical romance novel, a zombie apocalypse story, and I spent almost all of my teens working on, what I was sure would be, an epic fantasy saga.

I love writing – always have and always will. What I never anticipated was creating a workbook that was based on my journey toward loving myself. Surprisingly, it also makes sense. As much as I love writing fiction, I also love using writing as a tool to explore who I am and my mental health. Journaling has been my go-to coping skill since before I knew what a coping skill was.

The Self-Love Rainbow Workbook is a culmination of that.

It’s all the ways I learned to be kind to myself, learned to listen to myself, and learned that I was worthy of my own love and affection. I’ve made my 14-year-old self SO proud.

Self-Love Rainbow Workbook

When my husband and I went to the bookstore to see it in person it still didn’t completely sink in. He literally tried to tell every person we saw on our way to check out that I was the author.

He’s the most adorable human I’ve ever met.

He wants to shout it out to the world. Because he’s proud of me. And I’m proud too, but in a much quieter way. But still so proud.

I am also so lucky that I have the online support that I do. You all have been so amazing. Comments, emails, so much love. My heart is all around full.

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