The Self-Love Workbook Add-Ons

self-love workbook

Hi, there! This is the Self-Love Workbook Add-Ons page!

If you're looking for the Self-Love Workbook - check it out here!self-love workbook

These Self-Love Workbook Add-ons are packets of worksheets that were created to be "add" to the Self-Love Workbook but they also work perfectly on their own as well!

Self-care that's tailored to you! Self-care is different for everyone - that's what I love about it. These add-ons "add" to the self-care experience. Each one has different pages based on the different themes to encourage you to invite self-care and self-love into every aspect of your life.

These add-ons are little (digital .pdf) expansions of roughly 50 extra pages each and you download them to home your computer. There are also three different versions for each one (you get all three with your purchase!) - full color, color with no background, and a simple black and white version.

You can also find all of my worksheets on Etsy!

Mental Health Add-On

The Mental Health Add-On has worksheets to help you focus on self-care & mental health. There's a crisis plan worksheet, a list of great self-care ideas specific to mental health, and a monthly check-in page to help you track your mood and document your struggles, feelings, and your mental health goals. It's 48 pages.

What's included in the PDF:
-Mental Health + Self-Love
-Mental Health + Self-Care
-Analyzing Your Mental Health Struggles
-Crisis Plan
-Mood Self-Care
-Self-Care based on Mental Health Levels
-Jan-Dec Mental Health Check-In & Monthly Review pages

The Witchy Add-On

The Witch add-on is all about spirituality and paying attention to your spiritual path. These worksheets will help you keep track of the moon cycles and the turning of the seasons. Review your spiritual practice and make plans for the future. There’s a spot for spellwork, tarot/oracle readings, full moon plans, and spiritual goals! This .pdf is 43 pages.

What's included in the PDF:
-Magic + Self-Love
-Witchy Self-Care Tips
-Spiritual Struggles
-Mood Magic
-Wheel of the Year
-Monthly Spellwork
-12 Jan-Dec Magical Check-in and 12  Monthly Review pages

The Fitness Add-On

The Fitness add-on is all about focusing on self-love as you workout, lose weight, and focus on healthy eating. It's so easy to fall into the trap of "hating yourself thin". This is a different approach that focuses on loving yourself through the process of being healthy and loving your body at any size. This .pdf is 50 pages.

What's included in the PDF:
-Body + Self-Love Info
-Fitness Self-Care
-30 Day Body Positive Challenge
-How Does Your Body Feel graphic
-Create Your Own 30 Day Challenge
-Main Goal Tracker
-Monthly Milestones
-12 Monthly Body Love/Fitness Worksheets
-12 Monthly Review Pages

The Blogging Add-On

The Blogging + Biz add-on has everything that I, as a blogger, would want to find to keep me organized. Review the last year of your business AND make plans for the future. Learn how to incorporate your business into your self-care routine. Keep track of your social media following, income, and popular blog posts! This .pdf is 46 pages.

What's included in the PDF:
-Self-Care Tips for being a Blogger
-Reviewing your Blog/Biz
-Blog/Biz Goals
-Product Planning
-Blog Post Planning
-Social Media Growth
-12 Jan-Dec Blog/Biz Check-In Worksheets and 12 monthly review worksheets

The Parenting Add-On

The Parenting add-on encourages you to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself as you embark on the hardest job in the world, raising kids. The worksheets encourage you to make time for yourself and also make self-care a family activity. It's so important to practice self-care, take care of yourself, and meet your needs. This .pdf is 50 pages.

What's included in the PDF:
-Parenting + Self-Love
-Self-Care Tips for Parents
-Parenting Struggles
-Family Bonding Activities Worksheet
-Family Style Self-Care Worksheet
-12 Jan-Dec Parenting Check-In Worksheets & Review Worksheets

The Relationship Add-On

The Relationship add-on encourages you to have a healthy relationship by creating a healthier you. Lots of relationship issues are caused by lack of love and self-worth or the inability to communicate your needs (because you feel unworthy) or lack of boundaries (because you're afraid of abandonment). Take a look at your relationship and your needs. This .pdf is 43 pages.

What's included in the PDF:
-Relationships + Self-Love
-Self-Care Tips for Relationships
-Relationships Struggles
-Relationship Builder Questions
-Date Night Idea worksheets
-Problems vs Solutions
-12 Jan-Dec Relationship Check-In Worksheets & Review Worksheets

The Sobriety Add-On

The Sobriety add-on encourages you to put your sobriety first. There's a relapse prevention plan, reviewing your addiction, embracing sobriety, as well as worksheets to help you on your 12-step journey. There is a check-in for each month so that you can see what you're struggling with and where you need to focus your time and attention to continue in your recovery. This .pdf is 52 pages. It comes in three versions: Full color. No Background. Black and White.

What's included in the PDF:
-Sobriety Struggles
-Reviewing Your Addiction
-Relapse Prevention Plan
-12 Steps + Worksheets for each Step
-Meetings Schedule
-12 Jan-Dec Sobriety Check-In Worksheets
-12 Jan-Dec Sobriety Review Worksheets

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