The Time of the Maiden

Spring is upon us! You may still be cloaked in snow, but something is starting to unfurl, something is starting to slowly creep up through the earth.

The world is beginning to blossom.

Change is in the air. It’s time for something new. I love Winter for it’s slow energy, it gives me a chance to rest and contemplate and relax, but I tend to lean more towards curling up with a warm blanket and a book. Spring brings with it a rush of new ideas and new motivation.

When we think about Spring we think newness and youth, and that is the realm of the maiden. Now is the time to focus on where you really want to go in the coming months. Start planting the seeds of growth.

What seeds do you want to plant this year?

This season represents new beginnings and those hopes and dreams that are floating just below the surface. It is time to make those things happen. You can get a candle (spring colors like pastels work best), light the candle while thinking about that beautiful dream of yours and imagine it coming true. Imagine how it would feel if it would happen, imagine every detail as you hold that candle in your hand. The candle represents your intent to make it happen.

You can also use this time to plant seeds, literal seeds, while thinking about those things that you want to happen. As the seeds grow and blossom it’s a way for you to manifest your dreams and desires.

This is also a time to tap into our innocence and release our worries. We spend so much time being adults, worrying about this and that and everything else.

Do something fun, do something that relaxes you, and allows you to embrace joy.