The Voice of Truth + Free Worksheet

Today I am sharing with you a worksheet that will help you to tap into your inner truth. So often we pull ourselves down with negative thinking, we drown in it, until we are unable to see the truth of what’s really going on. It’s a viscous cycle and one that often leads me to depression. Once you make the choice to change that, to be proactive, to do something about it, things get a little easier.

This will help you listen to your truth.

In this worksheet you will write out a negative thought that you are having. I’ll give you an example from my own worksheet.

“Negative Thoughts: My business is growing too slowly. People don’t really like me or care what I have to say, they’re just being nice. I’m never going to make a difference or change anyone else’s life. I’m just pretending I do. None of my friends of family support anything that I do. Why do I even bother?”

That’s pretty harsh right? It’s also completely fabricated and totally untrue.

“Voice of Truth: Six months ago I had no products to sell and now I have tons and people like them. My readers comment on my blogs and share their thoughts. I have tons of facebook fans who let me know that I inspire them. I have a friend who I can bounce ideas off and who encourages me all of the time. People wouldn’t tell me I was making a difference unless is was true. My heart tells me I am on the right path.”

The Voice of Truth is the only one that matters and the only one that you should listen to.

Download the worksheet here.

What’s your truth?