Kuan Yin

The Wisdom of Kuan Yin

Today’s card-o-wisdom comes from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. This was my first deck of Oracle Cards and I absolutely love them. I’ve always been interested in Goddess Spirituality. A lot of Goddesses are such strong female figures with amazing wisdom to teach us.

She teaches us compassion.

Her message is “Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”

Kuan Yin represents the power of gentleness. When we are gentle with ourselves and others we bring a sweetness to our lives.

Kuan Yin wants to remind us to be sweet in our words, actions, and intentions.

Soften yourself. If you find that you speak harshly to others make it a point to soften your words. If you’re usually overly critical of yourself or others, soften that as well. Take a deep breath, acknowledge your actions, and do what you can to show compassion in the situation.

If you have problems showing compassion, and I know I do sometimes, there’s an exercise you can do to help. When you are around someone that you dislike, or find annoying, try sending them love. See a light shining within them and acknowledge that it shines within you as well. It really will make a difference in your interactions.

This Goddess wants you to release shame and guilt and begin the healing process. 

If you need to give forgiveness to yourself or someone else, do it. Forgiveness is powerful and you are deserving of it. Acknowledge that there is great power in healing, in letting go, and in forgiveness. Stop being so hard on yourself, release your criticisms of yourself and others and allow things to flow around you without attachment.

What judgments do you need to release? How can you let more compassion into your life?