The Wisdom of Turtle

A few days ago I was walking home from work in the morning after a few days of rain. I live in the city and I was walking over one of those bridge-thingies, ya know they aren’t really bridges, just elevated roads with water that runs underneath them when it rains.

When I’m crossing that bridge-thing I always look down over the rail because sometimes there are ducks and I really like looking at ducks. That day I looked down and saw a turtle-disguised-as-a-rock moving underneath the shallow surface of the water. I stood there for a few minutes watching it move. What can I say? I enjoy turtle-watching.

I always like looking up the meanings of animals that cross my path, they’re always good reminders to pay attention to some area of my life that I might not notice otherwise.

This is what Turtle Magic teaches:

Turtle represents motherhood, longevity, and awakening to the opportunities that are around you. Which is all sorts of perfect for me right here in this moment. I’ve been retreating into my shell a lot lately but over the last week or so I’ve felt myself emerging and I’ve felt myself awakening to my creativity again.

Turtles are ancient and have been around for so many years. They are featured in mythology in many different cultures. In the east the top of the turtle shell is seen as representing heaven and the bottom of the shell, earth. As an animal that lives both on land and in the water, Turtle is seen as connecting the two worlds.

In Africa the turtle is a symbol of the feminine sex organ and sexuality and to the Native Americans it is associated with the moon and menstruation. It is a creature steeped in feminine mystery. Turtle represents the primal mother that resides in all of us.

Turtle also teaches us about cave time, or in this case “Shell time”. We must look inside of ourselves and know when it is time to retreat, when it is time to hide within ourselves and let life proceed slowly. Turtle knows that it has all of the time in the world to get things done. When turtle turns up it is time to get in touch with your true self, your primal self.

Is there any Turtle wisdom that is resonating with you right now?

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